The sustainability and expansibility of the building space

Building Plan


The maximum of advantages

The interior and exterior design will be used to give full play to the building’s potential so that the building can embody the development goal of the client and the corporate culture both functionally and aesthetically. Through this kind of building, the building cost can be controlled effectively.

From interior to exterior

HTM has a deep understanding of the users and their daily activities: how should they work and how they hope to work. On this basis, we have designed the building space to accommodate their needs.

The unity of interior and exterior

We will consider the sustainability and expansibility of the building space in advance, especially at the beginning of the project. While for a non-traditional project, the consideration will take place at the later period of the project.  


The production of the project outline, overall planning, the design of the conception and plan of the main building, the outlook of the building, the evaluation and design of the structure as well as the rectification of buildings and garden area.