IT system design and space design and planning

Information technology


HTM office-space design technology can be supported by project management service, IT infrastructure, and engineering as well as an electromechanical system so that our client's business development can be guaranteed.

The integration of information technology

HTM understands our clients’ future developing demand and it is important for the success of the project to match the demand with IT and interior designing.

Key equipment


2.Monitoring and alarm system

3.Structured wiring system

4.Data center, call center, and trading floor

5.Accurate air conditioning system and gas fire extinguishing system

6.Electric generator and uninterruptible power supply

IT project management

  1. Maintenance and supporting service

  2. Digital speech recording

  3. Teleconference support and service

  4. Internet infrastructure

  5. Server and backup system 

Coordination and communication

  1. Desktop video conference

  2. High-definition video conference

  3. Multimedia broadcasting system

  4. HD demonstration system and video wall 

  5. Conference facility management system

  6. Quiet room